COVID Dementia

The real virus: our diseased thinking

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“A Rapid Virus Test Falters in People Without Symptoms, Study Finds.”

Actually as you traipse through the piece you discover that the PCR test, which is expensive, has an extended turnaround time, is renowned for false positives, and prone to errors based on amplification settings, is being replaced for practical screening in various settings by Antigen tests which are less sensitive and pick up contagiousness in closer to real time. Hence if their results “always agreed” that would render the Antigen test a strange solution to purported PCR test distortions. And where they veered most widely apart was relative to asymptomatic people, where the level of contagiousness and viral load is far from settled science.

“If I don’t have live virus, I am not infectious at all,”

the lead doctor wrote.

We Dare Not Question

So called “leading” public journals have done revisionist hatchet jobs galore. Johns Hopkins via its student newspaper covered a lecture by Dr. Genevieve Briand, an applied Economics Assistant Program Director, who had the temerity, the outlandish gall, to review publicly available data, and actually “analyze” it!

“used to support false and dangerous inaccuracies about the impact of the pandemic.”

Next up, they cast aspersions on Dr. Briand’s position as an economist rather than public health expert.

The Actual Case for “Excess Deaths”

Okay, so let’s actually head onto where those proverbial and perhaps actual angels fear to tread.

Every Bloody, Blooming Thing Has Been Farcically Wrong!

So, what are we to make of mass absurdity, repeated so blatantly, so unrepentedly, as to seem “mainstream?” Because everything asserted from the outset of this tragicomedy has been wrong.

“One size fits all.”

It took Professor John Ionnidis and Dr. David Katz to bring our attention to the fact that vulnerability here re COVID-19 was overwhelmingly concentrated in those above 65 with pre-existing conditions. If this were repeatedly understood and focused on, then shutting down the planet at large, undermining our ability going forward to be economically viable enough to protect the vulnerable was simply insane. With the rest of the demographic profile having no more danger than we do with influenza or the flu, that being clarified and reaffirmed as it has been consistently, should have called off the mass panic and this whole vaccine pageant months ago.

“Tremble before the asymptomatic.”

When deaths were not forthcoming and “symptomatic” positive cases began to flounder, centuries of medical practice was uprooted in one fell swoop by asserting “asymptomatic contagiousness” on scant to no evidence, which remains the case, outside of a few isolated, unverified lab studies today. So, on the basis of this superstition, bolstered by “positive tests” detached from symptoms, the frameworks of society and civilization as we knew it, have been devastatingly compromised. This also then “justifies” mass masking and other totemic demonstrations of compliance.

“We have a test”

Well, actually we don’t. Peer review of the diagnostic application of a test (PCR) its inventor clearly said was never intended for diagnosis but for “detection” was rushed through at an unprecedented pace. A retraction is now being sought by leading specialists on evident grounds that range from acute sensitivity and amplification levels, the inability of the test to detect the difference between “live” virus and fragments or debris, and the inevitability of “false positives” increasing as prevalence goes down. And furthermore, as we started “proactively testing” and detached that from symptoms, then the carnival was in full force.

“Look at all the deaths.”

And more legerdemain! First when seroprevalence studies make it clear many more have been “infected” than we have “tested,” we realize we need the “infection fatality rate” not the “case fatality rate.” And once you make that switch and run the analysis on the basis of antibodies and other markers, the IFR (infection fatality rate) plummets to median influenza levels. In some parts of the world, it goes below that.

We have a “cure.”

We lock up the world, take your civil liberties, disable education for your children, bankrupt our economies, order your businesses to be shut, provide no exit plan, explain or justify none of the above, allow no public dissent or debate re cost/benefit and “acceptable risk.”

“Masks can mitigate.”

No, they don’t. Some physical distancing can help, being outdoors more often where transmissibility is virtually nil is even better. The aerosols and droplets by which an infected person infects someone else are too small to be seen, and cloth masks, particularly with a gap between mask and face, offer virtually no defense. This is easily verified in the medical literature by anyone interested.

“What do we do next time?”

Does even the most ardent zealot think we can possibly afford this self-destructive playbook ever again? So, if we learn nothing, emerge with no better public health wisdom or knowledge but to have included ineffectual masks and Middle Age penal prescriptions, while detonating the equivalent of a civilizational neutron bomb, do we truly feel confident we are ready for whatever may come next?

The Failure to Think

We bequeathed to celebrities’ gravitas they never earned, unable to separate out “stature” from “status.” This prepared us for the myopic gullibility of complying with whatever officialdom has told us, and the flashing media porn, detached from accountability has further reinforced this. As someone pointed out, education was about learning “how to think.” Today, our quite flimsy, assertion-heavy and rational critique-lite culture focuses on indoctrinating us on “what to think,” and then we gain our tribal stripes accordingly.

“Then, why did God plague us with the ability to think?”

He argues we have few other merits, when the butterfly is more beautiful, the mosquito more prolific, and even a simple sponge more durable. Other animals are faster and stronger. This ‘plague’ is our defining, distinguishing characteristic, and allows us also to ponder, to wonder, and thereby build a bridge to our emotions and spirit as well, if we allow for flow rather than dogmatic fortifications.

Global consultant, 30 years experience spanning Americas, Europe, Asia, Australia, Middle East. Bridging from human dynamics to real world results.

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