Covidian codswallop

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I have to confess that while not being particularly prone to any demonstrated violent tendencies, I do feel a brief surge of aggression when “COVID obliviousness” is thrust upon me. Every time somebody intones ‘be safe’ I have to wonder what possible value this injunction is to anyone aspiring to live a normal life inevitably fraught with exhilaration more heady, I trust, than the alleged “kamikaze excess” of heading out in public without a Chinese face diaper on?

Let us delve into the hysteric, histrionic absurdity of the lacuna-riddled saga that has soiled our recent discourse. In a recent article…

Unelected distortion

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Many countries, unfortunately, handed the decision-making mantle to so-called public health “experts” re “COVID management” even though we were setting out on uncharted waters, extrapolating from “untested” models, going back on decades of public health wisdom, an experiment now demonstrably absurd.

The UK still suffers from that. In some more blithe jurisdictions, leaders have fortunately stopped deputizing well-intentioned public health professionals as if they were the Oracle of Delphi when we are dealing with grossly inaccurate (in terms of false positives) PCR tests, unproven “asymptomatic spread” allegations, and a mass disconnect between the “casedemic” and actual mortality numbers.

The number…

More Covidian “Nonscience”

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Just the other day people were suggesting to me that “things were improving” because, after all, “the vaccines are here.” My fascination with repetition being the mother of nonsense continues.

What was improving? Swathes of the planet, Asia, Africa, Oceania, are nowhere near “pandemic” and population-wise, that is the bulk of the planet. Cases started plummeting in the US and UK well ahead of any vaccine impact possibility after December, but then “cases” are untrustworthy, as they are only “positive tests” and it is the mortality needle that needs consulting. For example, as of this writing, France is lurching towards…

Fervent pandemic follies

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So, there seems to be confusion in the air. The panic orthodoxy is showing cracks. Immunity to evidence seems to be gradually declining. And the ritual of vaccination is calming unnecessarily agitated brows.

However, political autocrats the world over have been leveraging our mass gullibility and unthinking servility to their proclamations, and the real fear is whether that genie will ever go back into the bottle again.

Asserting “another four weeks of lockdown” because of some uptick in demonstrably less than precise PCR tests (indicated to be so now by WHO as well), or some alleged tour by a new…

COVID distortions

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What would you say if an asserted contagion capsized your sense of normalcy, your understanding of your constitutional rights, your plans, your rational predictions of life and livelihood? And what if it’s gravitas was extrapolated from clearly dummied up depictions of people dropping dead on the street, and from its running amok in care homes and elderly populations, and it nevertheless became the Alpha and Omega of all aspects of how we live and operate, determining what our rights actually are?

Contagion curiosity and modeling flaws.

And then, what if you learned that the actual contagion is not even available…

The “Carnevale” of COVID

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I recently read Thailand hopes to open for tourism by July stating they have vaccines, and that is a “game-changer.” Thailand has 84 deaths “ascribed” to COVID! What game changer?

They have roughly 26,000 “positive tests”, which in today’s incoherent times are called “cases”. For anyone having been asleep at the nomenclature wheel, a “case” in medical terms requires symptoms and medical attention. A “positive test” is the detection via a PCR test, via amplification, of some strand, bit of debris, current or past infection, or just an outright “false positive.” So, at times a live infection is pegged, at…

COVID and the undermining of life

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We are living through a bizarre brew of ignominy… fact-free, “science ascribed” panic peddling, usurping of civil liberties, mandated bankruptcies and deferred care, a resurgence of once under control diseases, mass poverty inflicted on populations, educational catastrophe with all kinds of local and global social ripple effects.

This is a “prescription” never applied to any contagion in living memory, not to wars, to acts of terrorism, or natural disasters, in any sustained way.

It has required overturning public health wisdom that had been institutionalized for decades if not centuries in some cases, and the asserting of the right of the…

Sanity Capsized by COVID

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“Magical thinking” is one of the most pernicious “thought viruses” and “decision making viruses” to afflict humans,

it is wreaking havoc as we seek to move past the pandemic, it has riddled us with disaster for decades.

Definition first:

“The belief that if there is a recurring problem: a) ignore it and it will go away or b) postpone dealing with it until truly unavoidable and then scramble around in panic or c) while everything collapses around you pretend there is “no problem” and things “are not really so bad.”

The third of these, especially when covered up by oil…

COVID defense and offense

“The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those who speak it.” — George Orwell

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I am growing increasingly uncomfortable seeing the slew of attacks being lobbed at so called “deniers,” “sceptics” and those who, it is even being suggested, are indirectly “killers” due to their patronage of misleading ideas. This culminated recently in an utterly absurd suggestion that Orwell mated with Monty Python clearly produced, a “Ministry of Truth” to keep those who maliciously distort at bay. …

COVID and giving up who we are

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A dialogue between Sinead Murphy, Lecturer in Philosophy, Newcastle University and the author of this article, Omar Khan, Global Consultant and Founder of EPL Global.

This dialogue was sparked by my coming across Sinead’s article for Lockdown Sceptics entitled Lest We Forget, which struck a powerful chord in me, particularly in her demarcating between “life”, with its luster, vitality and elan, and “non-death” which is a biological statement, bereft of much meaning or value in and of itself.

Imagining ourselves “biologically alive” in a state of suspended animation, or intravenously fed and mechanically fulfilling the requirements for being considered “not…

Omar S. Khan

Global consultant, 30 years experience spanning Americas, Europe, Asia, Australia, Middle East. Bridging from human dynamics to real world results.

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